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Knowledge Management

Many corporations have come to the conclusion that creation, transfer, and management of knowledge are critical for success. Both Project Management and Knowledge Management play a key role in improving organizational performance in delivering products or services better, faster, and cheaper. Knowledge Management would lead to improved communication, improved productivity, better decision making, enhanced collaboration within a project team and across projects, and improved skills of project team members. Using KM with PM will lead to several benefits such as better project integration, reduced risk associated with unknown factors, and continuous improvement of project execution. KM would also help to distill new processes from previously executed projects.

We help our clients realize knowledge is a combination of information, experience and insight. And develop insight with the use of tacit knowledge. With the help of Knowledge Management we provide systematic approach to utilizing IT and tools, business processes, best practices, and culture to develop and share knowledge within an organization, and connect those who possess knowledge to those who do not.

We help create and transfer knowledge that are the two important functions of Knowledge Management. Knowledge creation and more specifically, knowledge transfer to preserve and use existing knowledge and creating new knowledge for effective use.

We assist our clients in creating new knowledge that involves a great deal of interaction of people with the processes and among people within the organization.

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