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Project Management Office

PKC has expertise in setting up The Project Management Office which is the organizational entity that will develop organization-wide plans for adoption of comprehensive tools for planning projects, proposals, and portfolios. The tools and procedures that are provided by the PMO will also cover specifics of monitoring and reporting performance, and specifics of managing the changes to the plans to facilitate the project teams, proposal teams, and portfolio teams, during the discharge of their respective missions.

As the enterprise becomes more sophisticated, the PMO functions will shift from short-range team-focus to providing support for long-range enterprise issues to minimize the amount of effort that is necessary by project and proposal personnel for documentation and reporting, while the effectiveness of these teams will be significantly enhanced.

One of the important PMO functions we help our clients administer is the career path of project management professionals, and celebrating the repeatable and predictable success in all areas of project management. Training the professional project management personnel is another major function of PMO we help our clients achieve.

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